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Job Roles in the Aviation Industry

Job Roles in the Aviation Industry

The airline sector provides a large array of job roles and industry specific employment opportunities to both fresh and experienced candidates. The aviation sector is an industry which is fast growing and offers job roles in varying designations. There exists wide variety of jobs in this industry and the employee needs to be dedicated at their workplace as any fault while working could prove to be fatal.

There exist various job roles in the aviation industry some of which require experience and specific training and others which are rather basic in nature and hence are more dependent on candidate’s soft skills. Here are five different job roles in the airline sector along with their specifications:

Flight Attendant

The time a passenger enters the flight, they are welcomed by the cabin crew onboard. Flight attendants are responsible for providing comfort to the passengers while traveling by making sure that no one is having trouble in seating or any other in-flight experience. Being a flight attendant is not an easy job as it requires the candidate to undergo training and achieve job specific skills.

Flight attendants brief the passengers on safety protocols while the journey starts, they also help in carrying out those protocols in an emergency situation and may administer first aid when needed. Flight attendants may also serve food and beverages, and assist passengers with specific needs during a flight. Flight attendants need to possess good customer service skills and a confident approach when dealing with passengers.

Guest Relation Executive

Guest relation executives are responsible for ensuring the delivery of flawless, professional and high class experiences for the guests at the airport. Guest relation executives need to attend the guests courteously and deal promptly with their requests and queries.

Guest relation executives need to follow an organized and disciplined approach as they are responsible for providing high quality service to VVIP / VIP who are at the airport, and any mistake could prove to be having a negative impact on both the airline as well as the airport’s reputation.

Reservation Staff

The reservation staff of an airline works at the ticket or the baggage counter at the airport. When customers arrive at the airport, reservation agents welcome them and assist them with their ticket requirements. They help the customer in checking in the luggage and also in selection of the seat for them.

Any modification in the travel details like cancellation, re-scheduling are completed by ticket agents and they also provide information regarding any query which the passenger might have like boarding details.

Cargo Supervisor

The job role of a cargo supervisor includes coordinating and supervising activities performed by the ground crew while loading, unloading, securing and staging of cargo and baggage. The responsibilities are not limited to these as a cargo supervisor might as well accompany the aircraft as a member of the flight crew in order to keep a check on the condition of cargo and to monitor if it is handled according to the protocol.

Security Staff

For the proper and regular functioning of the airport, security should be given utmost importance. Airport security staff are required to correctly monitor, inspect and screen all the passengers to make it sure that the overall safety is maintained at the airport. They implement and supervise various security programs and try to regulate the activities at the airport according to certain rules.

Although a major part in this job role is ensuring the safety and well being of passengers, the security personnel present at the airport are also trained in assisting with emergency situations and inspecting passengers and their luggage.

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